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by sgadd
29 Apr 2014, 12:38
Forum: My Bubba
Topic: OPI...
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Re: OPI...

I have also ordered one. It will not replace my B3 but it will become a nice supplement. I still think B3 is a nice server. OPI will help me having recent backups of my phone. Specially contacts and similar stuff. I don't want to give all informaiton about my friends to Google. Some of my friends ha...
by sgadd
19 Sep 2009, 04:29
Forum: B2 & B3 Support
Topic: External temperature sensors?
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Re: External temperature sensors?

Hi I use the weather station WP1400 from Proove. It has a tuch screen with bad contrast and is pretty big and uggly. But I just wanted to put weather data on a homepage and thougt 600SEK was an ok price. It can measure: indoor temp indoor humidity outdoor temp outdoor humidity air pressure rain wind...
by sgadd
24 Mar 2007, 04:14
Forum: Bubba Server Support
Topic: Apache configuration questions
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diffrent target when using IP# and


I host a domain on my bubba but would like to see diffrent webpages depending on if i use the IP of my bubba or the domain name when acessing it from a web browser.

All virtualHost exaples I can find handles multiple domains only.

Anyone that has an solution for this?
by sgadd
25 Feb 2007, 09:45
Forum: My Bubba Server
Topic: Bubba uptime contest!
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2:nd in uptime contest..

Hi all.

My bubba has:
Uptime 116 days 04:43:59
I guess that puts me on second place..
..Jocke has probably 207 days now.