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by Darrellham
04 Oct 2015, 10:41
Forum: Software releases
Topic: Bubba|Two Software update 1.2.0
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BubbaTwo Software update 1 2 0

Hello Tor,

Does this update fix the load cycle problem on bubba two also?

Gr Rewien
by Darrellham
04 Oct 2015, 09:36
Forum: Software releases
Topic: Release notes for Excito Bubba 2&3 software version
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Release notes for Excito Bubba 2 software version 2 5 0 2

Hey Johannes,

Thanks for the new upgrade.

Since this is a farily large update, the web UI may be unresponsive for a while during update. Dont worry, this is normal.
by Darrellham
03 Oct 2015, 04:36
Forum: B2 & B3 Feature Requests
Topic: Adding an alternate DNS server
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Adding an alternate DNS server

I am using PPPoE with alternate DNS servers and those are displayed.

To test, I removed them. My ISPs DNS servers were not displayed in their place. Not sure if that was the intention, or if it was just to display alternates if configured?
by Darrellham
02 Oct 2015, 13:09
Forum: Development
Topic: USB-boot on bubba 3
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USB boot on bubba 3

I have had this problem before, an if i remember correctly the problem appears to be when Windows loads the fullspeed USB drivers you loose your boot volume.
by Darrellham
02 Oct 2015, 10:52
Forum: Software releases
Topic: BubbaServer (b1) etch rc2 release
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BubbaServer b1 etch rc2 release

This warning is for those people who have modified their /etc/apt/sources.list to include debian sources and pointed these against debian stable. Since Debian Etch was released the 8th of April. This means that any sources that point to debian stable will now point against debian etch instead of the...
by Darrellham
02 Oct 2015, 07:13
Forum: Development
Topic: ZFS on B3?
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ZFS on B3

Ive just started to adding ZFS replication support between nas4free boxes. Ive added also a bandwith limit for the replication ie. replication over WAN and a system that checks differences between zfs snapshots on different machines and determine what kind of snapshot to send full or incremental. As...