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Torrent client

Post by Karney » 28 Oct 2008, 03:36

I've spent the last couple of days to try and find a way to get the existing torrent client on the Bubba Two to work with RSS torrent feeds. Although there has been much talk about it there seems to have happened little to the client in this matter. In fact most people wanting this feature seems to have converted to rtorrent. Even though that is an option I would like to try and avoid it.

There are some python scripts on the net that may be able to sort out the RSS torrent feed part. With the torrent client able to start a download from a torrent put in the torrents directory the download part is not a problem. I would however like the bubba to place the downloaded TV-shows in the proper folders and also stop seeding them after a while. This is where my problem comes in.

1. As I understand it the torrent client does not stop seeding unless I use the cancel function in the web interface. I would like to not have to do this manually. rTorrent uses a function that only downloads torrents that are located in its watch directory. It stops downloading any torrent that are removed from that directory. This function would enable me to write a script that deletes the relevant torrent from the directory, effectly stopping the seeding.

With this function I could make a homemade, not very pretty, but functional script to handle the RSS downloads automatically. Hence number one on my list.

2. The second thing I would like to ask for is to have the torrent client automatically stop seeding once it reaches a certain quota. This would make the above script even easier to write.

3. The third thing on my list would be the option to put finished downloads in another directory than the unfinished ones.

4. The last thing I would like to ask for is the biggest. It would be nice if the torrent client had in-built support for RSS downloading. Now I know there is a post about this from about a year ago with questions about what functionality one would want with that so I would like to have some opinion about that.

- Name filtering
- filter for season and episode so that I can start downloading from a specified episode and don't need to get all the ones before that.
- filter for filesize so I can sort out the qualities I don't need.
- ability to set the time for the check so I can make the torrents start in the middle of the night when I'm not using my internet connection much.

Sorry for the extensive post. If I have missed any of this functionality in the current version of the torrent client please tell em as I would be more than happy to use it :)

Also, thanks for a great product :D

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Post by andersos » 29 Oct 2008, 17:07

I don't have a Bubba yet. Which torrent client is used in Bubba? I suspect that the client doesn't have those features you ask for. So then you have to make your requests to the developers of the client and not here.

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Post by Tompa » 29 Oct 2008, 18:30

I have done what you describe here, and I'm using rTorrent for it but I haven't "converted" to it for that matter - the default torrent-client is still active through the web-ui. It's more of a complement.

As you say there are python scripts out there that sort this out, and using them together with rTorrent seemed to me as a fairly simple way of getting it up and running.


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Post by carl » 29 Oct 2008, 19:10

andersos wrote:I don't have a Bubba yet. Which torrent client is used in Bubba? I suspect that the client doesn't have those features you ask for. So then you have to make your requests to the developers of the client and not here.
The torrent client in bubba is directly implemented using libtorrent.

/Carl Fürstenberg, Excito Software Developer

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Post by Karney » 30 Oct 2008, 03:30

That seems like an unnecessary use of system resources to me Tompa, to have to have two bittorrent clients running on a system with limited resources. It would be nice to only have to have the one. And I'm not quite ready to uninstall the FTD completely.

A thought occured to me, you have to have some kind of call to the FTD to cancel the download from the web UI. Is it possible for me to incorporate that call to the FTD in a script? And would I be able to check the download percentage in a similar way?

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Post by Ravagon » 03 Mar 2009, 07:38

+1 :D

There is a way to do this.
Install python, feedparser, mechanize and rssdler.
The tricky part are the private trackers that uses cookies with UID:PASS.
But I would like to have it on Bubba2's image with webpage admin.
Sadly private trackers doesn't allow FTD bittorrent client that I know of.
I need to use rtorrent-0.8.2 with libtorrent-0.12.2 so I can use Bubba2 on those private trackers. They are stable versions so it souldn't be any problems putting em in the source list.

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Post by joost » 12 Apr 2009, 08:25

+1 for an integrated rss torrent function!

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