Field for .torrent file upload in Downloads.

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Field for .torrent file upload in Downloads.

Post by Anonymous777 » 06 Nov 2011, 17:33


it would be nice to have an file upload field in Downloads to upload the .torrent file from the browser. Then, ftd would start downloading.

Currently torrent downloading does not work for private (authentication-based) torrent trackers, where it's impossible to give a direct link to .torrent, because B3 doesn't have the authentication cookie, that browser has.

My current workaround is to download the .torrent to local computer, then upload it to B3 and move it to /home/web and feed the b3.local/xyz.torrent link to ftd. Having an upload form field would simplify it a lot.

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Re: Field for .torrent file upload in Downloads.

Post by johannes » 07 Nov 2011, 10:24

If you upload the .torrent file to the /home/user/torrents folder downloads will start automatically. You need to do this via the file manager and it isn't as simple as using the downloader directly, but at least it works..
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Re: Field for .torrent file upload in Downloads.

Post by Puma » 07 Nov 2011, 14:15

Why not use Bubbamon addon for this in combination with firefox?

Rightclick in firefox on the torrent ''add to bubba downloads" and bubba will start downloading.

With bubbamon addon you can see progress and upload download speed as well!

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