Backup features request

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Backup features request

Post by albert » 21 Jun 2012, 02:21

- I would like to have to have the option of an "always full" backup. Currently, the backup is full the first time, and incremental until it expires, after which a new full will be created. Adding a tick box "Always full" to the backup configuration.

Reason: I make a backup of my mail daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. The yearly I'll keep forever (e.g. 10 years), which means that all yearly of the next 10 years will be incremental. That's not what I want, they all should be made full and kept "forever".

- A nice to have feature would be to be able to see in the backup list which is a full backup and which an incremental, this could be as simple as shown in a different colour.

- Already asked before, but I'll put it in the list anyway. An option to backup "into the cloud", i.e. dropbox, or Amazon S3.



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Re: Backup features request

Post by nobody » 22 Jun 2012, 15:08

Because the backup system uses hardlinks to copy, incremental is the same as full.

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