Release notes for BUBBA|TWO 2.0.4 (SqueezeBox Server)

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Release notes for BUBBA|TWO 2.0.4 (SqueezeBox Server)

Post by carl » 29 Jun 2010, 07:47

Release notes for BUBBA|2 2.0.4
This is a minor upgrade of the Bubba|2 2.0 release available as an upgrade via Bubba|2's admin UI.

How to upgrade
To upgrade a running system, make sure you don't have any activities running such as uploads, downloads, print jobs etc. Then log in as admin in web-ui. Choose "settings" menu entry. Choose "Update" in the sub menu. Press the "Update" button.

Updated features
The 2.0.4 release includes only one upgrade, Logitechs Squeezebox Server to the latest version 7.5.1.
/Carl Fürstenberg, Excito Software Developer

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