New firmware update 0.50.1

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New firmware update 0.50.1

Post by tor » 08 Aug 2007, 07:13

Release notes for Bubba 0.50.1

The 0.50.1 release is mostly a maintenance release. The few new features are improvements to the Download manager, resume download on restart and automatical download of torrents which torrent files are stored in a special directory, an update is however recomended.

How to upgrade
Make sure you don't have any activities running such as uploads, downloads, print jobs etc. Then log in as admin in web-ui. Chose "settings" menu entry. Select the tab named "Maintenance", the tabs are only present in newer versions of the firmware. On this tab, or the settings page if you have the old version of the web-admin ui, press the "Update" button located in the "Update software" field. After a while it should say "done" and the upgrade should be complete.

Warning, if you have modified your apt sources the web-admin ui should not be used for upgrades.

Major changes and new features
* Resume torrent download.
- The download manager now stores its state and resume downloads when restarted.
* Add downloads by torrent files.
- Torrent files which are stored in the "torrent" dir are automatically downloaded.
* Updated upnp mediaserver, mediatomb, which has vastly improved PS3 support.

Updates and minor changes
* Enhanced Internet Explorer support in web-admin
- Workarounds for problems whith IE and https operation for up and download.
* Bugfixes for web-admin in the area of user input.
- Better handling of special characters in various places.
* Various bugfixes for the download manager.
* Updated m-dns server, avahi.
* Updated libtorrent, the library responsible for torrent downloads.
* Updated daap server, mt-daapd to latest snapshot svn-1586.
* Updated upnp mediaserver, mediatomb.

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Post by bubbalibre » 08 Aug 2007, 08:15

Nice job !

I try that right away.

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Post by yooakim » 08 Aug 2007, 09:06

Perfect, now I can use the BUBBA with my PS3!

Will start testing more tonight.



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Post by albert » 08 Aug 2007, 13:30

For those who could't get the torrents started here are few things:

1) The directory is called torrents in your home dir on bubba.

2) If you have changed parameters of the download manager (either by hand or through the web interface) then after the update the ftd config file in /etc/ftd is installed as /etc/ftd/ftdconfig.ini.dpkg-new and leaves the old config intact.
You can either move the *.dpkg-new over the original file or add the missing lines by hand.

Then you have to restart ftd (/etc/init.d/ftp stop, /etc/init.d/ftd start).

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Post by limpo » 08 Oct 2007, 14:34


Is it possible to just get the new updated web-admin php folder? Since I have modified my bubba, quit a bit.


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Post by tor » 09 Oct 2007, 04:34

Hi limpo,

You can always extract the files from the package manually see fx

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