Jabber (XMPP) server installed by default

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Jabber (XMPP) server installed by default

Post by wertigon » 10 Jun 2007, 12:55


First off, I must say I'm extremely interested in a Bubba server, and the ease of use makes me want to go buy it right now if it weren't for one nagging detail; It doesn't have a Jabber Server installed.

If it could come with the latest and greatest versions of either OpenFire or ejabberd installed, with configuration options for enabling/disabling transports (MSN, ICQ, AOL, Yahoo! gateways), it'd be wonderful. :)

Potential use cases:

* Send MSN/ICQ/AOL/Yahoo!/XMPP alerts when something isn't quite right
* Store all your conversations/history on a central server somewhere that YOU control
* Automagic OpenID solution
* Your own IM server! (Coolness factor if naught else ;))
* Lots of other potentially cool stuff...

Well, I hope you'll consider my suggestion. Good luck, and keep up the work. :)


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Post by msx » 11 Jun 2007, 05:18

I think it shouldn't be installed it by default, becouse very few people have the need for a jabber server, and it will be a waste of resources for many.
Also, it should be easy to install it manually with apt.

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Post by tor » 11 Jun 2007, 05:27

We actually have thought about it. And there are indeed some interesting features/extensions that would be nice to have.

But atm it doesn't look like we will be adding it in a default installation. But a Howto on installing it could be a nice thing though :).

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Post by wertigon » 11 Jun 2007, 08:24

msx: True, but it doesn't have to come *enabled* by default... The server itself takes up a few megs of disc space, and that's about it.

Apt getting does work, but it's a bit cumbersome, and since the Jabber community recently have come up with quite a few things (Jingle, PEP to mention a few things) that one would love to have, and Debian isn't exactly well-known when it comes to having new fancy stuff... :/

Tor: Ah, I see. Oh well. I can't afford a Bubba quite yet anyhow (poor student and all that), but hopefully my financial situation will have improved around October sometime. Well, thanks for the quick replies, and good luck! :)