Tapatalk problem.

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Tapatalk problem.

Post by Harry » 01 Sep 2012, 01:46

I have been using Tapatalk for a while now and are mostly pleased with it.
However, I cant seem to get "participated" in the tab section to work, it only returns "unknown error, it appears the server has some issue with Tapatalk or your session is expired. If this problem persists, please re-enter this forum from Account tab."
I have re-entered my account and even reinstalled the app on two different Ios units without any success.

Any experiences or hints on this would be most appreciated.

A test forum account is required to report a problem to the Tapatalk people, is there one available?


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Re: Tapatalk problem.

Post by Cheeseboy » 30 Dec 2012, 08:17

I've had the same problem.
I just assumed it was due to the number of posts I've submitted to the forum...

If a test account is needed, send a PM to Johannes, Binkem or DanielM. They might be able to help you as they are administrators on this forum...

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