great aftersales support

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great aftersales support

Post by estorino » 19 Mar 2008, 11:06

Last weekend I noticed my server was down. Closer inspection pointed to a broken powersupply. I quickly wrote an e-mail to and on sundaymorning(*) I got a reply saying 'sorry for the inconvenience' and that a new power adapter would be shipped to me promptly. Today, wednesday, I received my new adapter in the mail (I live in the Netherlands) and my bubba is alive again, woohoo! :) Thanks guys.

Wanted to share this with everybody, hesitant buyers can be assured that they have great aftersales support, and fast too...

*: Working on the weekend? Dudes, come on! :)

P.S. If I recall correctly I saw another post about a broken poweradapter, perhaps it's the one thing that's not as excellent as the rest of the package?

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