Gentoo Live-USB SE Released (Inc Gordon's Excito UI Port!)

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Gentoo Live-USB SE Released (Inc Gordon's Excito UI Port!)

Post by sakaki » 16 Sep 2015, 06:17


as readers of this forum probably know, Gordon has been doing some great work recently, porting the original Excito web UI for the B3 to Gentoo.

To make it easy for everyone to try this out, I've just released a special edition (SE) of the 1.7.0 Gentoo live-USB for the B3, with this UI pre-installed and configured.

You can download the provided image to a USB key as usual, and boot your B3 from it, without affecting any existing OS you may have installed on your B3's HDD.

The GUI is set to start automatically, so, once booted, you can then simply hook up a client via the LAN port (or connect via WiFi, if you have the wireless version of the B3), and have a play with it! The underlying system is an up-to-date Gentoo image, running kernel 4.1.6. There's nothing to build, install or configure (unless you wish to of course). (Incidentally, Gordon's port of Logitech Media Server (LMS) is also installed).


I have provided full instructions for the live-USB special edition on this GitHub page (actually a wiki entry, with open permissions, so feel free to make edits if you like)!

Please bear in mind that Gordon's work is still in beta phase - his release notes may be read here.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank Gordon for his assistance in putting this SE version together.

Have fun! sakaki

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