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Bubbagen Live-USB 1.8.5 released (systemd)

Posted: 08 Aug 2016, 11:42
by Gordon

I have just released version 1.8.5 of the Live USB of Bubbagen for the B3 on GitHub

You may ask: what is Bubbagen? Bubbagen extends Sakaki's gentoo-on-b3 with the full functionality of the original Excito "Bubba" system and is here provided as a full-blown operating system for you to try without needing to change or harm your existing installation. As with Sakaki's gentoo-on-b3 Live-USB, you can even use this on a diskless B3.

You may notice a rather large jump between the version number on this release and the previous one. That is because this release does not replace that previous version but is in fact a parallel development. While the 1.8.2 release used the kernel supplied by Sakaki, this one features a revised one to boot into the systemd init system. I did keep it at version 4.3.0 though because the current 4.4.x kernel is not marked stable for ARM (actually: 4.3.0 isn't as well, but it has been running without issues on my B3s)

Do note that this system was designed to be controlled by the web admin UI. There are some changes to the original Excito software though, such as that it will respect and keep settings outside the range of the admin interface. Such as network interfaces other than eth0, eth1, wlan0 and br0 - outside these NICs you can define anything you like with regards to networking. If you touch, change or dereference config files that are controlled by the web admin interface you'll be pretty much on your own. But then, that is the Excito concept after all.

Feedback is, as always, welcome.

Re: Bubbagen Live-USB 1.8.5 released (systemd)

Posted: 09 Aug 2016, 03:32
by beweb
Great timing,

For the copy pasters (like me) be aware to adjust the commands from the git page to the right version number.

I'm exploring all the different packages that are released the last year. Looks like my (original) hard disk has given up on me too and I'm trying to find out if it still worth to invest in a new one.

Will give it a shot this evening.


Re: Bubbagen Live-USB 1.8.5 released (systemd)

Posted: 09 Aug 2016, 07:10
by Gordon
Thanks for pointing that out. I corrected the README, so the download link for the 1.8.5 version is now there. I also changed the commands to the new version. Please do be aware though that when writing the image you still need to change 'sdX' to the correct device name. It won't work with simple copy-paste.