Recommended tool-chain for developing bubba aps?

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Recommended tool-chain for developing bubba aps?

Post by txporter » 05 Jan 2008, 21:51

I would like to build a new deb package for mercurial 0.9.5 so I can use a modern version of mercurial on my Bubba.

mercurial 0.9.5 is not available in the arm package repositories, even in sarge backports, so I guess I need to build it myself.

I am a opensuse/Redhat guy so I am used to RPM based package management, nor have I ever built any binaries for anything but the architecture I am running on.

Just as a first experiment, I added the deb-src repositories to my /etc/apt/sources-list and tried to do 'apt-get source mercurial' but got this error:

sh: line 1: dpkg-source: command not found
Unpack command 'dpkg-source -x mercurial_0.9.1-0bpo2.dsc' failed.

SO, What tool chain do I need to build debian deb packages? Do you develop on x86 and cross-compile for arm, or can I install the deb tool-chain directly on my bubba?

Thanks for any advice!!

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Post by tor » 06 Jan 2008, 17:33

You should be fine with the toolchain in Debian running on Bubba. All you need is some patience :)

Install the package build-essential and you should have most tools for building packages.

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