Setting up vnstat for Bubba|2 WiFi

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Setting up vnstat for Bubba|2 WiFi

Post by theWebalyst » 31 May 2010, 11:26

My Bubba|2 WiFi is also my router & firewall connected to broadband cable modem and I'm setting up vnstat which shows data for eth0 and complains there's not enough data to show eth1 (command line vnstat).

Using netstat -i it looks like devices br0 (apparently aka wlan0) and eth0 are in fact the internal and internet network devices - not eth0 and eth1 according to the Excito Wiki (on setting up vnstat). Device eth1 is listed but with negligable traffic, so I presume that vnstat should be set up to monitor eth0 for internet and br0 (or wlan0) for internal/wireless lan, which I have now done.

I'm not confident enough to update the Wiki on this so thought it best to post here. If you know about the other devices listed by netstat -i please describe in a follow up.


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Re: Setting up vnstat for Bubba|2 WiFi

Post by asparak » 01 Jun 2010, 06:36

If your box is built as a standard config, the eth0 is your external interface, eth1 is your internal LAN interface and br0 is the WiFi interface.

If you are only using WiFi, then I would expect eth1 to have virtually no traffic.

I would set up monitoring on br0 as well for a while using my how-to as a guide and see what is going on. I am monitoring all of them on mine, as I use eth1 and br0/wlan0

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