status of reinstall of the b3?

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status of reinstall of the b3?

Post by snowdrop » 23 Jun 2011, 16:47

I followed the instructions for reinstalling the b3 into it's default state using the excito image, but the whole process took only 5 to max 10 minutes tops, on an empty b3 with 2TB.

All leds lit up properly while installing (green >> purple >> blue), but did it really reinstall that quick? Or was it a failed reinstall?

(I have no way of knowing since I haven't ever been able to reach my b3 setup as a server (scenario 3). No router detects it or gives it an internal IP via DHCP and b3's fallback IP ( also doesn't do anything... so I thought I'd try a re-install)

Update: I redid it, with another USB-stick: It took 11 minutes precisely, and this time it all worked out. :) This means, if I understand it correct, that the b3 does not give proper feedback about a bad install.

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Re: status of reinstall of the b3?

Post by romtoc » 24 Jun 2011, 12:48

Congratulations for the reinstall.
Many thanks,
Matei Cristian Dumitru

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