[solved] B3 DHCP Issues.

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[solved] B3 DHCP Issues.

Post by romtoc » 15 Apr 2012, 17:57

After a blackout my B3 did not pass the purple loading light, so I decided to do a fresh reinstall of it.
Everything worked fine during the installation process, but then I noticed something interesting in my
router's log.

Bubba asks for an IP, it's granted the IP and then it releases it. Afterwards, it does not connect to the network. I can't access SSH, neither the web administration solution.

Here's the way everything is wired.

[ADSL Modem]
[Router (DLINK DIR635)]
| |_pc1 |_pc2

Please reply with your ideas as soon as possible.
EDIT: Reinstalling using a different flash drive fixed the issue, thanks.
Many thanks,
Matei Cristian Dumitru

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