B3 not booting, crash recovery?

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B3 not booting, crash recovery?

Post by rxmd » 20 Apr 2014, 12:12

Sorry for asking a stupid question. My B3 recently crashed and will not boot now, the front LED stays pink, the red LED on the back blinks at around 3-4 Hz and there are operating noises from the hard drive. The web interface and SSH are both down. I guess it's a filesystem integrity issue, but I can't get a boot console. I'm also without another Linux machine at the moment.

What is the "official" way of fixing this? Booting from a stick? Removing the hard drive and fixing it on another computer? Soldering a RS232 cable to a header somewhere inside to get a terminal boot prompt?

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Re: B3 not booting, crash recovery?

Post by Ubi » 22 Apr 2014, 02:02

Yep, booting from rescue stick is the first thing to try. It'll tell you if you can access the HD or if something else is broken. Be aware though that the rescue stick is unable to access the LVM volume that is your /home.

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