Need to change to a newer disk on my B3

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Need to change to a newer disk on my B3

Post by spaceuser » 28 Oct 2015, 07:40

My B3 is old now. I'm a bit worried about the disk and therefore plan to change it. I mainly use my B3 as an emailserver. I'm no Linux expert.

I have used clonezilla to copy disk för other linux and windows environments thru the years with success.
Anyone that have cloned the default 2TB WD Green drive to 2TB WD Red drive?

Anything I need to be aware of doing this? I would appreciate any comment on the subject.


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Re: Need to change to a newer disk on my B3

Post by Gordon » 28 Oct 2015, 09:29

There's no need to clone. Al you need to do is match the partitioning scheme, or adapt to whatever other scheme you want to use in /etc/fstab. The only rule you need to follow is that /boot/uImage is on the very first partition. Since there is no on-disk bootmanager involved you can simply copy the content of the old disk to the desired location on the new disk.

PS Changing the partitioning scheme is actually a good idea, because in the original scheme the swap partition is in fact located on the slowest part of the disk. Moving it forward to become /dev/sda2 will give your B3 better overall performance. Also, if you're not going to do RAID, there's no real sense in taking the complex route of building an LVM to hold your /home partition. This should save you a few CPU cycles with every disk I/O as well.

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