Access drive formatted and mounted by B3 – on Mac via USB?

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Access drive formatted and mounted by B3 – on Mac via USB?

Post by Klingan » 02 Dec 2015, 15:02

As the subject implies, I am wondering whether it is possible to access my 1 TB external HDD that I have connected to the B3, formatted via the B3 and mounted to the B3 – if I plug the HDD directly to my Mac via for example USB?

I understand that the file systems are different. OS X would utilize primarily HFS+ Journalled whereas the B3 would utilize a Linux file system such as EXT3? In addition, since it has been mounted as LVM – perhaps it adds extra layers of complications?

I did try installing "FUSE for OS X" which should add EXT-support on OS X. However the OS could not mount the disk or identify the file system once installed.

My external drive has information stores that I ideally would like to keep, without temporarily storing it on another drive while reformatting the drive. Ideally I would like to use a file system both recognized by the B3 and OS X, so that – when not using the B3 – I can work with the files via hardwiring a USB-cable.

Any input appreciated.

Kind regards.

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Re: Access drive formatted and mounted by B3 – on Mac via US

Post by Gordon » 03 Dec 2015, 03:04

Can't really comment on the MAC thing, but the main issue will probably be that the Bubba method for formatting and accessing the external eSata disk does not result in an independent volume. What is stored on that disk will be either a mirror or an extension of the B3 internal disk. If it is a mirror (Raid 1) it can be made accessible by editing the raid parameters stored inside the LVM (not the least user friendly I'm afraid). If it is an extension volume it is bound to contain partial files.

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