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iptables firewall outbound

Posted: 09 Nov 2016, 15:05
by newbee
this might be very easy but i am unable to find the solution searching.

I use the excito B3 as router, firewall and server.
In my network have have few devices on wifi and CAT6
TV, phones, synology, IPCAM, arduino, rasbary...
some of these devices i trust more than others, the devices i trust the least is the IPCameras. I would like to add a rule on the firewall to block all outbound traffic from specific IP addresses in my LAN (my dhcp provide fixed LAN IP addresses based on MAC address)

So i want the cameras to be able to connect to the synology within my LAN but i dont want the cameras to be able to be able to reach the Internet. (i have blocked all incoming traffic)

What does the rule look like that i need to add to the firewall/iptable?