b2 howto install dhcpcd5?

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b2 howto install dhcpcd5?

Post by sam » 27 Apr 2017, 00:07

I'm having trouble installing dhcpcd5
apt-get can't find the package.
Is there any way I can install this?
Would doing something like pointing apt-get to the wheezy archive work? And if so, how would I do that?

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Re: b2 howto install dhcpcd5?

Post by Stryker » 28 Apr 2017, 11:11

I assume your B2 is running the unmodified Excito software and underlying Debian squeeze, right?

The main problem is support for Debian squeeze ended this year.
You can try to user the "-t wheezy" option to specifically search the wheezy repo and "-s" to only simulate the process.
Dhcpcd5 might depend on other packages that are too old in squeeze and also have to be imported from wheezy, which could then break other old squeeze packages because they don't work with newer libraries you've just installed for dhcpcd5.

At that point, upgrading the whole System is a better idea.
But a) you cannot use the wheezy stock Kernel and need one patched for the B2 (same on B3) and b) it most certainly will break the Excito software suite on it.

Some people in this forum are developing newer images for their B2/3s though, but you might have to bend over a bit to get to the same solution that you are having now.
I use Mouette's Debian jessie-1.0 image (Link), but that comes without a Software suite.
Alternatively there is the Bubbagen live-usb by Gordon (Link) that has a replacement Software suite, but is based on gentoo.

Either way, if you want dhcpcd5 on your B2 squeeze, you need either luck, or a bit of elbow grease, or be ready to drop some services.

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Re: b2 howto install dhcpcd5?

Post by sakaki » 28 Apr 2017, 12:59

Hi -
the Bubbagen live-USB is currently for the B3 only.
I have a Gentoo live-USB for the B2, available here. It currently ships with a command line (ssh) interface only, but it does have dhcpcd v6.11.3 bundled.
Like all the live-USBs on this forum, you can try it out without having to wipe your existing Excito system from the hard drive. Full instructions may be found on the GitHub page linked above.
hth, sakaki

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