B4 =]

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B4 =]

Post by stasheck »

Just an idea.

What makes B3 special for me is the format, looks, silent operation and 2 ethernet ports. As we all know, CPU is now nearly ancient, and 512 MB RAM is... not much.

You know what would be awesome? Same IO capabilities, but as an adapter shield for Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4.

Shame I don't have any experience in designing electronics ^^
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Re: B4 =]

Post by Gordon »

FWIW The Feroceon SoC was `old` already when the B3 was developed. Excito still favoured it though because faster CPUs as a rule generate more heat and that doesn't fit well with the design objectives: passive cooling and a hard disk in the same compact enclosure. As it stands I have no complaints about the machine's performance, though granted a second core would have been favourable. It still manages to do everything I need it to do and even memory doesn't get exhausted although I do have close to 100MiB assigned to swap but I'm fairly certain that is memory that my home automation application reserved for unused appliance support - i.e. swap usage remains static when I free memory.
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