Lighttpd vs. Apache

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Lighttpd vs. Apache

Post by Micael » 12 Sep 2008, 17:41

Before Bubba|Two was released the webserver was announced to be Lighttpd on the "Technical Specs" page. Now it's stated as Apache.

Does the "Administration UI" require some functionality only supported by Apache? Or could I install Lighttpd instead?

I'm asking because the memory footprint and cpu-load of Lighttpd is supposed to be smaller than on Apache.

What is the reason for changing? Not that I have an opinion about the choice. I'm just curious.


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Post by Cheeseboy » 12 Sep 2008, 19:39


A couple of quotes from one of the Excito staff:
There have been a change in the software setup; At least initially, we will ship with apache instead of lighttpd, due to a problem with lighty and uploading of files.
We are going to do everything to make lighttpd work, though in the short term, to allow file upload via the web interface, lighty made it not possible.
But there is also this:

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Post by jcw » 13 Sep 2008, 12:47

The following should let you turn off apache and install lighttpd, then you can find out for yourself what the differences are:

* set "NO_START=1" in /etc/default/apache2
* stop apache before installing lighttpd: /etc/init.d/apache2 stop
* install lighttpd: apt-get install lighttpd

AFAICT, only file upload via the web in the bubba admin interface fails with lighttpd - but you can of course still upload files via samba, ftp, or ssh.


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Post by Micael » 13 Sep 2008, 20:47

I did not know that there was a file upload problem with Lighttpd.

I read in som forums that there could be some kind of problem with the Lighttpd allocating to much memory per file upload.

On my Ubuntu server I have a Lighttpd server running with Gallery2 and TikiWiki. I successfully uploaded zip files containing entire albums into Gallery2. But when I tried to upload a 4GB iso file to a wiki page. It failed...

The first thing I'm gonna do when my Bubba|Two arrives is to setup Gallery2 and TikiWiki onto the Apache2 server.

I'm then gonna try uploading an iso again.

Hope my Bubba arrives soon :)


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