First post/problem description-B2 does not work as intended

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First post/problem description-B2 does not work as intended

Post by Boriz »


jag har lite av ett problem. Jag skaffade mig en B2 för ett tag sedan då min router gav upp och jag tänkte att det var en helt perfekt liten maskin som skulle kunna ersätta både routern och den lilla filservern som jag hade. Tyvärr så visar det sig att jag inte kunde använda mig av bubba på det viset som jag hade tänkt.

Meningen var ju att min Bubba 2 skulle ersätta både min filserver, router och brandvägg. Men trots att detta är just vad den skulle kunna göra så kan jag inte se filmer från den på min ATV2 utan att det blir stora problem med buffring 2-8 gånger under en film. Jag kan inte heller surfa och samtidigt föra över filer till den, det går ett tag eller om filerna inte är allt för stora, men att föra över ett par GB av data går oftast helt enkelt inte.

Jag erkänner att jag inte är mycket av en linux användare eller någon form av power-user. jag har ingen större erfarenhet av att arbeta med command-line interface. Men jag fick känslan av att med en Bubba så skulle man inte behöva tweaka så väldigt mycket.

Nu till mina frågor.
Är det jag har skrivit ovan kända brister och fel som har drabbat andra användare eller är det min okunskap som är boven i dramat, om fler har drabbats av detta, finns det något enket sätt att avhjälpa detta?
Tycker ni forumanvändare att jag hade för höga förhoppningar på min Bubba?


I have a bit of a problem. I got a B2 a while ago when my router gave up and I thought it was a perfect little machine that could replace both the router and the small file server that I had. Unfortunately, it turns out that I could not use my bubba on the way that I had thought.

The idea was that my Bubba 2 would replace both my file server, router and firewall. But even though this is precisely what it should be able to do,I can't watch movies from it on my ATV2 without it turning into problems with buffering sorta like 2-8 times during a movie. I can't surf while transferring files to it or transfer large files to it, it works for a while if the files arent too large, but to transfer a couple of GB of data is simply impossible most of the time.

I admit that I'm not much of a Linux user, or some form of power-user. I have little experience of working with command-line interface. But I got the feeling that with a Bubba there would be no need to tweak it a lot.

Now to my questions.
Is what I have written above known shortcomings and errors that have occurred to other users or it is my ignorance that is the culprit, if more people have been affected by this, is there any simple way to remedy this?
Do you forum users think that I had to high hopes for my Bubba?

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Re: First post/problem description-B2 does not work as inten

Post by Ubi »

This is a bit of a difficult question. Most people on the forum are here because they are fans of the product, and you're asking us if we agree that the product is substandard. Almost by definition, we won't.

The B2 is a stable firewall and file server, as it was advertised. But it unfortunately is not a quad-core I7 system, and there are llimitations to its processing power. The B3 performs better in this respect. On the other hand, I have a B1 and watched streaming movies on its 100MHz CPU.
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Re: First post/problem description-B2 does not work as inten

Post by NisseJ »

Well i have a B2 and for me it's working really good to stream movies in 720p from it to my Boxee Box. On the same time the B2 is downloading torrents and acting as a router / firewall. It is connected via Gigabit network.

Do you download files on the B2 and if so, how many at the same time? What type of internet connection do you have, and have you put on some bandwidth restrictions for up/downloading?

How is your lan set up?. Do you try to stream to your ATV2 via wire or wifi? If you are using Wifi, are the B2 in the same room, or is it some walls between it. Also problem can/will occur if you have neighbours with wifi and or there is for example, microwaveowen, wireless telephones etc between the B2 and the ATV2.

Are you accessing the files via afp / smb?

Many questions but maybe there is possible to find some way of solution to your problems.
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Re: First post/problem description-B2 does not work as inten

Post by Boriz »

Thanks for your reply Ubi and NisseJ

First and foremost, I would say that it was not my intention to make it sound as if I thought the B2 was substandard, it's a very interesting little device, but I can not get it to work as I want.

NisseJ: At this point I do not use my B2 for anything else then as a NAS. I used to have it as a router, firewall and file server, but when it didnt work the way I hoped it would have, I went and got my self an inexpencive w-lan router so my setup is:

100/100 Mbit internet conection -> Router ->Bubba2 and Desktop PC via lan ports and then my ATV2 a few laptops and phones on wifi.

The router and B2 share the same shelf and are in the same room as my ATV2/Tv, about 4 meters apart. I dont use the wifi on the Bubba, the router is doing that job now.

I use smb to acces the files on my B2.

The problem I have with buffering video is something i only get when i acces files of my B2, if I start my desktop and add files from there to the ATV or if I start a plex server on my desktop the file playes with no problem on my Jailbroken ATV2 (XBMC and plexbmc), or even if i use an external plexserver.

Did I make any sence?
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Re: First post/problem description-B2 does not work as inten

Post by pcrene »


I have a B1 two B2 and a B3.
They all work fine for me.

What do i do with it:
- webpages
- email and backup emailserver
- ftp
-audio and movie server
- backup server for other servers and windows pc's

B3 1T + B-Stor 2T, B2 1T as backup
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Re: First post/problem description-B2 does not work as inten

Post by Nrde »

Boriz wrote: I use smb to acces the files on my B2.
Have you measured the transfer rate from B2 to your laptop for example? Do you get 10MBits or similar or more, less?
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Re: First post/problem description-B2 does not work as inten

Post by jonjon649 »

just to check, have you got a wireless link between your bubba box, and your ATV2? If so, I'm guessing that's where the problem is, the link speed across the wireless network is too slow, particularly if there are other wireless devices accessing the network for say, stuff like downloading torrents etc.
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