Howto install Debian packages

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Howto install Debian packages

Post by tor » 25 May 2007, 02:50

This howto tells you howto install packages from the Debian repositories.

To do this you first have to log on to Bubba as root. This is done via ssh. If you run Linux or MacOSX ssh should most likely be available, on windows you can use Putty or Cygwin.

Root is not allowed to log in directly to Bubba so one has to do a trick here. Make sure you have a user with "shell login" equal to yes. If not edit the user and set Allow SSH login to yes and save these settings.

SSH into Bubba with the ordinary user. Then when logged in to Bubba you can become root by issuing the command su the password for root is excito if you have not changed it.

You now have to enable the Debian sources for the package manager to be able to use them.

Edit the file /etc/apt/sources.list You could use nano to do this ie nano /etc/apt/sources.list

The file should look something like:

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#deb sarge main
#deb sarge/updates main
#deb sarge non-free

deb bubba main
You have to remove the initial # from the first three lines that makes the Debian sources disabled. You should end up with something like:

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deb sarge main
deb sarge/updates main
deb sarge non-free

deb bubba main
Save the changes and exit the editor.

Tell the package manager that the sources have changed:

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apt-get update
Now you are ready to install the packages you want. This is also done via the apt-get command. So for example to install python on bubba do:

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apt-get install python
Available packages can be found here:

When done installing you should always restore the sources file to its original state. Otherwise future upgrades via web-admin will most likely fail.

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Post by tomas » 29 Aug 2007, 15:39

I tried "apt-get install rtorrent", but got "E: couldn't find package rtorrent" back. If I understand correctly rtorrent can be found in "unstable". How do I install from unstable without messing up ftd and ssh (I read about this in


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Re: Howto install Debian packages

Post by rodrigo » 25 Feb 2008, 15:21

How do i save the changes and exit the editor?

i am brand new to linux, so this is relally new for me, thanks in advanced, rodrigo.

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Post by 6feet5 » 25 Feb 2008, 15:51

You should find a brief help text at the bottom of the editor. The caret symbol (^) means control key, so CTRL-O will save the file and CTRL-X will exit. CTRL-G will give you some more information.


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Post by tor » 25 Feb 2008, 15:55


THis depends on which editor.

If you use nano. You save by press ctrl and o and exit the editor by pressing ctrl and x

If using Vi, press esc to leave edit mode and then press :wq to save and exit.

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