setting static ip addresses...

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setting static ip addresses...

Post by zander » 05 Mar 2009, 22:07


i am running bubba2 as a server/router/firewall but in custom mode and serving my own web page

there are two places where static ip addresses can be set namely wan and lan. right now i am setting the wan ip addresses to the ones my isp gave me. it seems i have to do this to view my domain.

my question is should i use those addresses assigned by my isp for the lan too? right now they are set to the bubba default and everything seems to be working.

but i tried to add a switch to my lan and when i did everything fell apart with regards to reaching the web. i set it up like Scenario 5 but after that i could not reach the web anymore.

i had to restart bubba2 like the quick start guide says. and then go through the setup wizard and then set the static ip addreses by hand in the wan network section of the admin account.

in order to add the switch will i have to setup the bubba like i did to get connected to the web again?

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