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Download Utorrent

Post by johnberg » 13 Jun 2009, 09:34

Dear people

I bought a second-hand bubba 1 and had to made a reinstallation.
I installate the bubba.img file which i did download from
This results... in software ver: 0.31.4-1
I have contact with the bubba on the network and tried to download a torrent-file.
I paste the location on my computer in the location window from the tab "downloads"
for example: D:\torrents\artist.torrent and then clicked"" add"
The link should appear above in the list now, but nothing happens, everything stays clear.
What am I doing wrong.
Is not there an more easier way to add an torrent-file?
I am using WXP IE 7
Another question: how do I upgrade to version 0.52? Could this be the cause of problems, I'm using 0.32
I know that I can download it from the link above from Excito.
I made an update by the tab settings/maintenance/update, but then it says "No packages to update at his moment"
The version keeps 0.32
Is this a job to do by memory-stick?
Can sombody help me to find the exact file on the download-site of Excito.
Is it this for Bubba 1? and then download packages.gz ????

Is the trick with the memorystick the same as with reinstallation? so:
power off
connect memory-stick (with only the .gz-file)
press button on the back of the Bubba
connect DC-plug 12V adapter
When led is flashing release button and wait for led burns permanently....done

If somebody could help me with this problems I would be very thankfull, i am deperate

Thanks a lot!! I wait for your apply :roll: