compiling fuse for bubba?

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compiling fuse for bubba?

Post by mountaindude » 22 Aug 2009, 15:55

Trying to get owfs working on the original bubba (running, in order to monitor a 1-wire sensor network attached to a ha7net 1-wire controller.

owserver runs fine, as does owhttpd.
owfs fails due to fuse not working correctly. Before spending too much time looking into this (am not by any means a Linux guru) I thought I'd ask if there are any core reasons why this wouldn't work.
So - is it possible to get fuse running on a bubba with this configuration?

Would it make any difference if I ran it on my bubba2? Trying to keep that one as clean as possible, in order not to disturb its work as file server/NAS, so I'd prefer to use the bubba.