Bubba server fail to start.

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Bubba server fail to start.

Post by Wim.zuidema » 08 May 2010, 16:07

My bubba stop's responding sudenly.
So stop manually by pressing the button for 5 sec.
But my bubba doesn't start up anymore.
Hard disk start's to spine off and for a few second i can hear it read something and then it stops.
Light is orange blinking. (wait a couple of hours)
Nothing happening after that.

What's wrong?
Harddisk failure?


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Re: Bubba server fail to start.

Post by Kalle » 11 Jun 2010, 14:48

I recently got the same problem. Tried the minimal install image but it will not load. What's the next step?

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Re: Bubba server fail to start.

Post by osa » 10 Sep 2010, 18:05

My Bubba server died yesterday. Suddenly. It was running 24/7 for last 3,5 year.

Symphoms: Led is blinking. 3,5'' hard drive fails to spin-up (2,5'' drive start properly).

Solution: Replace PSU