primary DNS

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primary DNS

Post by khulmary » 24 Dec 2010, 01:42

Does a Primary and Secondary DNS have different numbers? That might sound like a dumb question.. but I am tyring to connect my Nintendo DS to wifi and it will only do it manually because of my internet connection. To do this.. it asks me to enter my Primary DNS number and then my Secondary DSN number. Where it tells me to find this information only shows DNS Servers and then lists one number... any ideas?
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Re: primary DNS

Post by Ubi » 24 Dec 2010, 04:37

yes they have different numbers as they are different machines. But nothing breaks if you enter the same ip address twice. Normally a single DNS server is enough. If you want to know what your dns servers are, the easiest is to go to your windows computer (which I assume you have) and go to the command prompt (START ->RUN -> cmd.exe) en then type

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ipconfig /all
then find the line that says "DNS servers" and type the number or numbers in.

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Re: primary DNS

Post by Cheeseboy » 24 Dec 2010, 05:56


From my own experience with the DS and DSi I can add this:
Set up your WiFi with WEP security (or no security), or it will not work.
I really hate the network connectivity bit with the DS, and the idiotic Nintendo error codes...