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Post by eeeuser1 » 01 Aug 2008, 06:14

imbecile wrote:
jimcuk wrote:Hi
have also just found out qnap 109/209 has a propitiatory EXT3 file system
meaning it cannot be read in another pc a very annoying problem in an other wise nice system

ext3 ist the standard linux file system, nothing proprietary abut it. Most likely the bubba uses it too. And since you access it only over various net protocols, the file system is more or less irrelevant when it comes to accessing your data from other computers. You just can't just stick the hard drive into a windows machine and read the data. But why would anyone want to do this?
Actually the Qnap version if ext3 is modified by them and I suppose should not be called ext3 at all!
It is entirely unreadably in any machine other than another qnap device.


EDIT : Oops, missed the reply which basically stated why I have just said.