Solar powered?

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Solar powered?

Post by yooakim » 01 Dec 2007, 14:40

I really, really like my bubba. And today I read this piece on the swedish magazine IDG's webpage:

Since the BUBBA only consumes very little power one way to reach a larger audience may be to look into a solar-powred solution?

If BUBBA would be positioned as an environmentally friendly server it would make the life better.

It would be so nice to be able to be "green" while being a computer user... :-)

p.s. I understand this can't be fixed right away but put it on a wishlist. d.s.

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Re: Solar powered?

Post by cavinsmither » 12 Mar 2010, 02:23

Its really very good to know power saver because it have quality to save the energy and because of its use there is not any bed effect was appear in our computer so its like Eco- friendly as example.
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Re: Solar powered? Mine is!

Post by r.schreurs » 02 Feb 2011, 08:10

I think the most efficient way to have your Bubba solar powered for the sake of saving energy, is to just put some solar panels on your roof. I have 5 panels, 95 Watt max each, producing about 1/3 of my average electricity consumption.

Of course, it is another matter if you want your Bubba to run when there is no electricity network.