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Post by epigon » 11 Jun 2008, 16:12

Do you have a 128M bubba?

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Post by msx » 11 Jun 2008, 16:14

no, the old 64 MB :)

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Post by JanLarsen » 24 Jun 2008, 08:13

The Java Mini Web Server from jibble is fun but not compliant with any J2EE specs and apache completely covers what it does. If you want to write Servlets you might try Jetty which is a fairly lightweght Servlet Container that is widely used as an embedded server. That is to say that you can easily start it within your own application and add Servlets.

BTW I don't think Tomcat qualifies as an Application Server - you need EJB, Queues and WS stuff for that.

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Re: Java on bubba

Post by chrisadam » 03 Sep 2010, 05:17

I've downloaded and tried IBM java (versions 1.4, 5 and 6), but they're all linked to the older runtime library ( is installled on bubba two).

Does anybody know if it's possible to install the older library together with the newer one, like the "compatlibs" package available on other linux distributions?


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