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Debian sid (unstable) image 20200402 released for Bubba|2

Posted: 02 Apr 2020, 23:01
by MouettE
Hello everyone,

Following question by shadowbox, I've just finished building and released the debian sid image for the good old Bubba|2. As for the other debian images, this image is constructed from 3 different projects : a sid OS image itself, an install/rescue system and an installer script. More details on these further in this post.

Upgrade from the old jessie image may be possible but I didn't try it and unless you're very confortable with Debian you should not try it. Nevertheless if anybody needs it I can provide a quick howto.

First the link and a quick howto for install:
Quick install howto

This works the same way as the B3 busterimage:
  • Unzip the downloaded file on a fat-formatted usb key with a partition table
  • By default the installer will wipe the entire disk. If you wish to keep the existing data of your device, edit the install.ini file inside the install directory and set wipe to false at the bottom of the file. The installer will then only format the first partition of the drive.
  • plug the usb key on the Bubba|2 and apply power while pushing the rear button. U-Boot on the Bubba|2 has trouble reading from usb, you may need totry several times.
  • The rescue/install system will start, format the drive, extract the sid image and reboot the server.
  • By default the network is configured for dhcp on both network interfaces. It can be changed in the install.ini file (the installer will now copy the network settings from install.ini to the sid system by default. This can be changed in the install.ini file).
  • If the LED keeps blinking, something went wrong. Turn off the server and post the install.log file which is created in the install directory of the key so I can help you out.
  • When the LED is solid blue, the image is installed and successfully booted. On the first boot, the system generates its ssh keys which takes several minutes. You can then ssh into the box with user 'excito' (no quotes) and password 'excito' (no quotes). Then you can 'su' ; the root password is 'excito' (no quotes).
  • Once you're logged in I strongly recommend to set the locale and timezone of your server (its defaults are POSIX and UTC). Run the following commands :

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    dpkg-reconfigure locales
    dpkg-reconfigure tzdata
OS image contents

The sid OS is a very minimal debian install with only the core packages needed to start and ssh into the server. The image was bootstraped directly from standard debian utils (not built from upgrade of a previous version). There is a github repository which describes all the steps taken to build it.
  • The kernel used is Linux LTS 5.4.x series with Excito patches. Sources are available on github
  • Excito-specific packages (kernel, button and led management) are available in a repository I maintain on the Excito servers. The image is pre-configured to use it so further upgrades can be installed with apt tools. Everything is on github too.
  • U-Boot tools are installed and configured so you can play with u-boot if you dare. WARNING this is risky business, use it at your own risk.
  • The root password is 'excito' (without quotes) and I've also created an excito user with the same password. Note that by default in debian you can not ssh directly as root with a password.
  • SSH host keys are generated on the first boot and it takes a few minutes.
  • The default network configuration is DHCP for both interfaces. It may be overridden by the install.ini configuration.
The install/rescue system

Full sources and rudimentary compilation instructions are available on github.

The installer script

I've re-added Bubba|2 support in the installer script, you can find it on github. Everything works the same way and is still configured through the install.ini file on the USB install key. It's heavily commented so all the options can be understood and changed accordingly.


As always ask as many questions as you want I will be more than happy to answer them.


Re: Debian sid (unstable) image 20200402 released for Bubba|2

Posted: 03 Apr 2020, 13:43
by beatgr
IF you do not have a SATA drive (up to 2 TB) installed in your Bubba Two,
THEN the install.log will show this error.

2020-04-03 01:53:25.732 - INFO - Running Excito installer version 2.1 daemon process with pid 152
2020-04-03 01:53:25.738 - INFO - Checking image file /mnt/usb/install/sid/bubbatwo-sid-20200402-1935.txz
2020-04-03 01:53:25.759 - ERROR - No SATA disk found !

The UBS Flash Drive does make a DHCP request to your network's DHCP server for an IP address,
during the installation script


Re: Debian sid (unstable) image 20200402 released for Bubba|2

Posted: 03 Apr 2020, 15:09
by MouettE
beatgr wrote:
03 Apr 2020, 13:43
IF you do not have a SATA drive (up to 2 TB) installed in your Bubba Two,
THEN the install.log will show this error.
The image and the installation script are designed to work with a SATA disk.