Errors making backup to external USB-hard drive

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Errors making backup to external USB-hard drive

Post by Henri » 16 Aug 2009, 06:55


I've been trying to make backups of Bubba2's contents to an external USB-hard drive. The hard drive is (factory) formatted as NTFS and my attempts to save backups to USB-hard drive fail every time. Bubba reports backup operation failure with errors/warnings (messages below).
Is there some preparations or settings I should do to make Bubba able to write files on external NTFS media?

For a comparison I took a large USB-stick with FAT32 filesystem and made test backup. Backup operation worked fine. Then I formatted USB-stick with Windows machine to a NTFS and tried to save a backup to the stick again. Operation failed with the messages below. Also couple of my smaller FAT formatted USB-hard drives work fine with backup operations. Only this TB NTFS hard drive gives me the problem.

Bubba's messages in the backup restore window:
"Errors/warnings encountered during backup
Unable to create files on target"

Bubba ver. 1.2

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