manage puclic permissions

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manage puclic permissions

Post by amishorn » 19 Mar 2012, 17:28

Hello all

I have again a further topic. Following my history...
What I actually wanna do is just to get access to my B3 from everywhere. More detailed: My B3 has only two users (and of course as well an admin access), stores all my pictures and music why I also use the DLNA access. Furthermore I wanna also be able to access from outside of my homenetwork (e.g. by means of ftp://...). My folder structure is as follows:
  • /home/user1
My goal is it now, that I get access to my NAS from outside, however with a password request, on the one hand side to /home/user1 as well as to /home/storage and on the other hand side to /home/user2 but not with the same password. Furthermore should user2 only have access to its own folder /home/user2 and to no other folder! (expect of subfolders of /home/user2) My receiver as well as my tv should still always have garanted access to /home/storage in order to play my media files.

But what is actually my issue: I already tried a lot but without success. Every time if I restrict the access to /home/storage (only rwx for owner), so that I get access from outside to my NAS with a password request, is my receiver no more able to play any media file from my NAS, however, it is still able to list all them! Do I loosen the restrictions (u=rwx,g+r,o+rx) is it again possible to play media files over DLNA but then do I have no more a password request if I access to my B3 from outside. Thats the first issue and the second one is, that I am not able to restrict the user2 so that he has access only to its own folder.

Does anybody have suggestions or ideas they help me to solve my issues?

Thank you very much for all replies.

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Re: manage puclic permissions

Post by nobody » 19 Mar 2012, 19:02

if you set read mode on a folder you can list all files in a folder. But unless you set read mode on the files themselves you will not be able to play them. In reverse, you can turn off read mode on a folder (and cannot list the content), but you can still play files inside that folder if you guess the correct name. In contrast, if you deny execute to a folder, you can no longer access the inside. I believe the distinction between folder and file permission is part of the problems you are experiencing.

anyway you may want to look into using ACLs if you want highly complex permission settings. Otherwise you may need to get creative with groups.

hope this helps

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