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Sync Kronolith (horde calendar) with webdav

Posted: 18 Feb 2014, 14:15
by amishorn
Hi all

I've a basic question regarding bubba B3.
Is it possible to sync Kronolith with e.g. a portable device by using the webdav protocol - i.e. the caldav protocol?

I've already enabled webdav on my B3 so that I can access all my files through the https protocol. However, I'm not able to sync the calendar with webdav, but only by using the iCalendar (.ics file) protocol.

Is a sync through dav even supportet from B3 or is a syncing only with the iCalendar possible?

Thanks for any hints or help!


PS: with webdav I get always a http 405 error from the sync application - i.e. my bubba doesn't support the PUT command.

Re: Sync Kronolith (horde calendar) with webdav

Posted: 18 Feb 2014, 15:12
by Puma

Caldav sync with kronolith should be possible with:

I use owncloud with caldav support works great and you can sync contacts as well.

With owncloud you can sync with thunderbird with lightning in combination with sogo connector.



Re: Sync Kronolith (horde calendar) with webdav

Posted: 11 Mar 2014, 03:14
by amishorn
Hi Puma

Thanks for your statement and sorry for my late reply - I've been on holiday for a longer time...

But back to the sync issue, I would like to direct two enquiries to you:
  • 1. Do I have to enable WebDav in any way in order to sync my calendar by using the caldav protocol?
    2. Did you change anything in the apache configuration file of horde? (/etc/horde/apache.conf)
Following my unchanged (initial) horde apache configuration file entry:

Code: Select all

Alias /pim /usr/share/horde3
Alias /organizer /usr/share/horde3
Alias /mail /usr/share/horde3
Alias /calendar /usr/share/horde3
Alias /horde3 /usr/share/horde3

<Directory /usr/share/horde3>
Options FollowSymLinks
AllowOverride Limit

Additional information:
When I access the calendar folder by using https:// as following
  • https://192.168.xx.xx/pim/rpc.php/kronolith/calName
then I get asked to open or download an empty file.

However, when I access the calendar by using the webdav protocol with konqueror like
  • webdav://192.168.xx.xx/pim/rpc.php/kronolith/calName
then I get access to the full folder structure and see as well the calendar files. (.ics)

Thanks again for any further help or suggestions.