Backup job defined in B3 gui no longer running

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Backup job defined in B3 gui no longer running

Post by Fred » 06 Jan 2015, 09:30

This is an issue from a non-technical user:
The backup jobs defined by the B3 graphical interface are no longer run.

In the b3 gui the backup job says “finished” but its obvious when checking the target folder that no job has been run. I also found the log “bubba-backup.log” which confirms that no backup has been run since August 14. I suppose this could relate to the last system update made at this time (as it was advised after the security issue).

I have changed things around to see if it would wake up again, such as reinstalled the source disk, delete and re-enter the backup job definition, restart the system etc etc After the schedule has passed the GUI says “Finished” also on the new jobs, but without any backups made.

Could it be that the automation somehow was canceled by the last update of the B3 system? Could anyone advice if it,s possible to activate that again and how?

I have basic knowledge of ssh and using the nano editor.

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