Anyone installed HomeAssistant on B3?

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Anyone installed HomeAssistant on B3?

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Just checking, has anyone tried/managed to install HA on B3? I have (mostly) retired my B3s, but they seem to me like a perfect hardware platform for HA.
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Re: Anyone installed HomeAssistant on B3?

Post by Gordon »

Would advise against it.

HA is python based and several years back now I had some python scripts running to integrate Evohome zone based heating into Domoticz. From firing up the script to poll for data from the website and enter this into Domotiz this script needed 40+ seconds to complete. I now perform the same action in less than a second using an ELF binary.

Of course with HA you will keep the python core in memory and so the impact will likely be somewhat less but I would still expect several seconds delay on toggling a switch. The best way of course is to simply try and see if you can live with the (lack of) responsiveness.
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