Bubba2 dies during file transfer

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Bubba2 dies during file transfer

Post by ahab » 19 Oct 2008, 08:15

My bubba2 goes down when I try to move my pictures and mp3's to it. It seems to be related to the size of the folder I'm trying to move/copy. I have about 15 GB of pictures and I try to copy them to my bubba with drag and drop.

I.e. I open my picture folder on my windows vista pc and then I use the windows explorer to open up the home folder on the bubba2. I then simply use ctrl+a to select all pictures and drag them to the bubba2 folder. The file-transfer starts all right but goes extremely slow (about 1,5-2 Mb/second) and after about one hour the bubba2 simply dies.

Once the bubba has died I can't access it via the windows explorer nor via the web-ui and it doesn't respond when I try to ping it. When I log on to the router I can't find it among the "attached devices", even though the green light is still shining next to the network cable.

Also, I haven't been able to shut it down using the on/off-button, instead I've been forced to "pull the plug". Once the bubba has rebooted it's accessible again.

In my home network I have a netgear wifi-router/firewall/adsl-modem which my bubba2 is connected to via a cable to the lan-port. The bubba is configured according to the manual. My laptop computers use windows vista business.

All help is appreciated.

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Post by johannes » 21 Oct 2008, 11:47

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