Printer Setup / Problem

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Printer Setup / Problem

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hej folks..

I need help with my Brother HL-2130 printer and the b3 Server (

The printer is connected properly to the b3 via one of the USB ports and
also recognized by the server.
There was also no problem setting up the printer as a "network printer"
in OSX El Capitan and every thing seems to be very fine.

But, as soon as I try to print anything.. the printer spits out tons of blank
unprinted papers no matter how many pages I want to print.
Unfortunately I cannot stop the printer while it once received it's printing-
signal. It is very annoying because it eventually stops after approx. 50
blank pages pulling through.

I've already tried to deinstall/install the printer and using different
printing protocols. OSX suggests AirPrint but I've tried selecting the
protocol manually to Brother SL-2130.

Does anyone have an idea what to do or has some useful tips?

Thank you in advance!


PS: I'm kind of new to this forum and I am curious to see what else is
possible with the b3.
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