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Help with smart garage openers, anyone?

Posted: 23 Apr 2022, 06:17
by alexis92
Hey everyone!

Just wanted to ask a quick question here because I figured I could get a good second opinion. I have been looking into getting a smart garage opener for a while now but I've been facing a fair amount of trouble with making an informed decision. I'm quite the simpleton here, and although I've done my research and looked at buyer's guides like this one, it'd be nice to hear from someone firsthand on this.

I'm looking for recommendations that you have experience with or any other useful information like things to take under consideration when buying something like this.

Thanks in advance for all the help!

Re: Help with smart garage openers, anyone?

Posted: 25 Apr 2022, 03:42
by Gordon
Confusingly, this forum is not about home automation in general but about a product named `HomeAutomation` that was written as a web based graphic user interface for the `Tellstick` device, a 433MHz operated radio device that can monitor and mimic remote controls using that same frequency, e.g. lights, power outlets and car locks. I think the product still exists but as far as the B3 is concerned this seems pretty much abandoned and it also looks like DanielM who promoted it here is no longer part of that project.

My suggestion would be that you look into other home automation projects like `home assistant`, `openHAB` or `domoticz` which have an active user community that are more likely to be able to answer this question and give tips. As for running any of these programs I actually doubt that openHAB will run on the B3. Home Assistant is the easiest to install but you will likely find it to be extremely slow in terms of responsiveness. I recommend therefore that you try domoticz (or my personal fork oikomaticz), which needs to be compiled from source but runs pretty decent on the B3.

Re: Help with smart garage openers, anyone?

Posted: 22 May 2022, 11:47
by alexis92
I'm sorry about the confusion, I didn't quite understand since I'm new to this forum still.

I'll be sure to look into the recommendations you provided. 'openHAB' piques my interest and I was wondering if this is the main website to look into for it.